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Unlocking the next level in venture capital

Latin America’s venture capital scene has gained momentum during the past decade, with corporate venture capital now piquing the interest of multinationals, local companies and even some law firms. But the high-risk, high-returns nature of venture capital investment brings its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for lawyers advising on these deals. Are the stakes worth it, especially in these trying times?

24 August 2020

Brazilian city-bike start-up Tembici raises US$47 million in venture capital

Akerman LLP in New York and Miami and Eick Haber Grezzana & Nascimento in São Paulo have jointly advised Brazilian city-bike company Tembici to raise US$47 million in venture funding.

02 July 2020

Covid19Tracker: El Salvador’s new app fighting the pandemic

Featured in Covid-19: reporting on a crisis

Latin Lawyer speaks to Carlos Miguel Rivas, a lawyer and tech start-up co-founder whose new app is helping to track and contain the covid-19 epidemic in El Salvador.

21 April 2020

Navigating Peru's start-up scene

Jorge Luis Conde Granados, founder of Peruvian boutique firm Conde & Granados, tells LACCA how legal teams at Peruvian start-ups can most effectively help their businesses grow and how to prepare for legislative changes targeting these kinds of companies. 

24 March 2020

Veirano and Faria Cendão steer Brazilian healthcare start-up investment

Veirano Advogados has helped local healthcare start-up Conexa Saúde obtain an investment from venture capital company e.Bricks Ventures.

24 March 2020

Mexican tech start-up gets venture capital investment

Pani Abogados has helped Mexican venture capital business Angel Ventures invest in Mexican geolocation start-up Decifra.

18 March 2020

Bolivia set to cut red tape for start-ups

As the Bolivian legal community anticipates a new law facilitating quicker and more effective growth for start-ups, LACCA finds out what benefits it might bring to the country’s business landscape and why it’s important for corporate legal teams to get involved in shaping new legislation.

30 September 2019

Mexico’s Afore and US private equity invest in hospitality start-up Selina

09 July 2019

Walmart snaps up Chilean start-up

Morrison Foerster in Silicon Valley; Arteaga Gorziglia in Santiago; and Rico, Robles, Libenson in Mexico City have helped US retailer Walmart acquire Chilean start-up Cornershop for US$225 million.

02 October 2018

US graphic design company buys Brazilian start-up

BMA - Barbosa, Müssnich, Aragão in São Paulo has helped US graphic design company Creative Drive acquire Brazilian start-up Decora.

04 April 2018

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