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Compliance as the Foundation for ESG Oversight

Featured in The Guide to Corporate Compliance - Fourth Edition

In a post-pandemic world, ESG challenges are more visible than ever. The lack of an internationally harmonised approach to these problems has encouraged stakeholders in Latin America to develop compliance programmes to identify the most critical ESG risks.

25 July 2023

The Rise of Multilatinas and the Implications for M&A Deals in the Region and Beyond

Featured in The Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions - Third Edition

Upon the introduction of free market measures in the late 1980s-to-early 1990s, local companies were forced to restructure, redefine strategies and improve their competitive capacities through the acquisition of technology and through alliances with foreign companies.

02 December 2022

Indian company builds covid-19 hospitals in Nicaragua

García & Bodán (Nicaragua) has helped Indian infrastructure company Cosmos register a Nicaraguan subsidiary, which will build six covid-19 hospitals in the country.

04 October 2022

Argentine oil group swerves default in US$28 million restructuring

Argentine energy company Roch has enlisted Tavarone, Rovelli, Salim & Miani to restructure its debt burden and make new bond and loan deals worth US$28 million, helping it to meet bankruptcy protection requirements after the company defaulted on previous debt.

06 September 2022

Case Study: Aviation

Featured in The Guide to Restructuring - Second Edition

The covid-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented crisis in the aviation industry globally, and Latin America’s largest airlines were not insulated from its effects.

26 August 2022

A disruptive force: The rise of fintech

Featured in Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Banks?

As the fintech boom continues to disrupt traditional financial services in Latin America, LACCA takes a look at how the trend is driving the need for more specialised legal services able to keep pace with innovation across the region.

19 April 2022

Deal Focus: Banco do Brasil’s first social bond issuance

Featured in Who Represents Latin America's Biggest Banks?

Amidst the boom of sustainability-linked issuances in Latin America, LACCA speaks to the team at Banco do Brasil about the work that went into the company’s first ever social bond issuance and why it’s important for financial institutions to be at the forefront of ESG initiatives.

19 April 2022

Hiring firms: What it all comes down to

Featured in Who represents Latin America's biggest companies 2021?

There is certainly no “one-size fits all” when it comes to hiring legal services, but a fundamental shift in business interactions resulting from the pandemic has led many GCs to value fast, frequent and efficient communication as much as expertise.

11 April 2022

LatAm’s anti-corruption efforts stalled last year, according to TI

Covid-19, political instability and rising levels of impunity all contributed to the region’s anti-corruption efforts grounding to a halt in 2021, according to the latest Transparency International report.

21 February 2022

What are Latin America’s GCs prioritising in 2022?

As we begin 2022, GCs expect to see a continuation of many pandemic-era trends, including managing uncertainty, the accelerated use of technology to innovate, the importance of managing hybrid teams and an increasing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

11 January 2022

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