Latin Lawyer 250 Performance Index

Latin Lawyer 250 Performance Index provides a full market view of law firms, combining extensive data with client feedback, proprietary research and expert insight. By tracking the Latin American legal industry, the tool gives a comprehensive picture of the performance of key firms practising in the region.

Users can easily get instant 360-view of the market to evaluate competitors, identify opportunities and inform their own firm’s business generation strategy. Bespoke data sets can be exported for use in a firm’s business development materials.

Firms featured in the Latin Lawyer 250 can use the tool to examine their performance over time and benchmark themselves against their peers.

Key highlights

Track firms' performance over time

  • View a firm’s featured work areas in the latest Latin Lawyer 250 or previous editions.
  • Discover how the firm’s featured work areas have changed over time.
  • See how many featured work areas the firm has compared with the average in its jurisdiction.
  • Compare a firm’s performance against others in the Latin Lawyer 250.
  • See top-tier firms’ Elite data in the latest Latin Lawyer 250 or previous editions.

Benchmark leading firms within a jurisdiction

  • Discover the top-rated firms in each country.
  • Benchmark leading firms within a jurisdiction and get a 360-view of the entire market.
  • View a breakdown of a market’s rankings in the latest Latin Lawyer 250 or in previous editions.
  • Explore the current and historic work area listings for each firm in a market by tier.


Latin Lawyer 250 Performance Index is built upon data from the Latin Lawyer 250 dating back to 2020, the year in which we expanded our analysis of the Latin American legal market and introduced an additional ranking.

The tool reflects the three rankings in the Latin Lawyer 250: Elite, Highly Recommended and Recommended. These rankings have been introduced to the guide and rolled out into specific jurisdictions over time and this bears out in the tool. For example, the Recommended tier was initially launched as Latin Lawyer National in 2020 in six jurisdictions and later introduced to other markets, while an Elite tier was introduced to the international chapter in 2024. As such, the “Recommended ranking” does not appear for all jurisdictions in 2020, while it is not possible to search for “Elite” international firms prior to 2024, despite there being firms of that caliber in the chapter.

The tool allows users to compare data between all editions since 2020. Note the absence of a 2022 edition, which is due to the naming convention being changed to align with a new publication date, rather than there not being an edition that year. It is also notable that a small number of work areas were dropped from our analysis in 2021, which will be a contributing factor in the reduction of featured work areas for some firms.

The gender diversity graphs are drawn from data submitted by firms that took part in that stage of the Latin Lawyer 250 research process, rather than from every firm featured in the guide. We acknowledge that the categories provided do not fully reflect the full diversity of genders people identify with. We are reviewing this question for future research to ensure it better reflects the diversity of genders within firms.

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