Latin Lawyer-Vance Center 2014 pro bono survey

Having been the passion of a dedicated, growing group for some time, the practice of pro bono appears to be entering the mainstream of Latin America’s legal profession as stories of success find their way into everyday conversation. “Those of us who are active can’t go anywhere where people are not eager, even in the context of a business meeting, to tell us what advancement their firms are making in pro bono,” says Antonia Stolper, vice chair of the Cyrus R Vance Center for International Justice Committee and partner at Shearman & Sterling LLP. “There is an incredibly high level of consciousness about the issue and the impact law firms can bring to access to justice issues are at front and centre for leading players in these markets. That’s a fantastic development and clear sign that the efforts of those trying to scale up and institutionalise pro bono are paying off.”

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