Latin Lawyer National methodology

Our overriding aim in the launch of Latin Lawyer National is to identify and profile a broad range of law firms, including boutique and multi-disciplinary firms offering advice on cross-border deals, as well as those focused on domestic transactions with wider geographic coverage and deep local knowledge. Complementary to the Latin Lawyer 250, our flagship benchmarking guide, Latin Lawyer National includes firms that provide cost-effective repeat services alongside those concentrating on high-value strategic advice and covers a wider range of cities and states. The guide serves as a key tool for in-house counsel, who increasingly require multiple legal service providers.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the 2020 edition of Latin Lawyer National is accurate and up to date, and that the analysis reflects the current state of the legal market in each country covered. The Latin Lawyer team has conducted in-depth research into the region’s legal markets, sending out questionnaires to law firms and contacting hundreds of clients, as well as holding face to face interviews with potential entrants and having conversations with key market players. We have also drawn on more than 20 years of research into the region’s legal markets for the Latin Lawyer 250.

The 2020 edition of Latin Lawyer National includes law firms in 15 countries in Latin America. Each entrant has demonstrable strength in its core practice areas. They have all been acknowledged as a leader in a particular market, be it their home city or state, or nationwide. In some countries, we identified firms that meet our criteria in multiple locations, while in others, the legal market remains concentrated in the country’s capital city.

Based on this research, we have felt able to select the firms included and highlight their key areas of expertise. We have asked all firms to provide information, including number of lawyers and partners, and any resulting discrepancies must be laid at their door.

Finally, it is important to point out that in accordance with Law Business Research’s established policy, inclusion in this publication is based solely on recommendation by fellow legal professionals and clients and on scrutiny of current client lists. No firm has been able to secure a place in Latin Lawyer National by any other means or to affect its editorial content.