Restructuring & insolvency

Working against the clock: Argentina’s debt deadline approaches

Argentina is facing a tight deadline to restructure its sovereign debt – if it fails, the country could enter its ninth debt default on 22 May. But although it only has a week left to pay certain debt obligations, lawyers believe there is still a chance Argentina and its creditors may reach an agreement, because neither party would benefit from a default.

Colombia’s Avianca looks to shed aircraft through Chapter 11

Chilean retail chain strikes restructuring deal with creditors


A new chapter in the same saga

Argentina is facing a period of public and private sector debt restructuring – again. Bomchil partners Tomás Araya and Fermín Caride set out the challenges the country faces and the options ahead for debtors and creditors.


Aviation restructuring has become more common and Latin America is no exception. Lawyers from Brazil and the Dominican Republic share their experiences from recent cases and identify room for improvement in a sector hit by several recent collapses in the region.