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Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center’s Pro Bono Survey

Featured in Pro bono 2019

Our latest survey continues to evidence the great efforts Latin American law firms are making to adopt pro bono into their culture. Ahead of publishing the full results on what institutional measures law firms are doing to promote pro bono, today we take a look at an area in which many law firms have reported doing work: migration.

03 February 2020

The migration train

Featured in Pro bono 2019

Perhaps no other image best captures the desperation of Latin America’s poorest and most vulnerable migrants than that of La bestia, a freight train route commonly used by Central American migrants to reach the US. On their journeys to new lives, people on the move in Latin America face legal uncertainty, vulnerability and alienation. This has necessitated an unprecedented need for pro bono counsel from lawyers, finds Latin Lawyer.

03 February 2020

Dual nationals fail in Venezuela arbitration claim

A tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration has declined jurisdiction over a claim by eight Spanish-Venezuelan nationals based on their dual nationality.

07 January 2020

Conoco faces bid to annul US$9 billion Venezuela arbitration award

Venezuela's government-in-exile has applied to annul a US$9 billion International Centre for Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID) award won by US oil company ConocoPhillips over the expropriation of oil assets in the Orinoco Belt – while it argues before a Delaware court that the state's assets are shielded from other arbitral creditors because of the US sanctions regime.

13 December 2019

A balancing act

Featured in Talent management 2019

Lawyers don’t tend to leave a career in private practice to go in-house for the money, instead they’re often after better equilibrium between their professional and personal lives. Nowadays, law firms are competing better with companies on the work–life balance they offer their associates, but how successful are their efforts?

28 November 2019

Making it count

Featured in Talent management 2019

Generation Y is often thought of as a tough nut for employers to crack, so it’s positive news for law firm managing partners that a good number of today’s associates have long-term ambitions at the firms they are in. But with so many lawyers having their heart set on becoming partner and only a certain number of spots available, how can firms maintain satisfaction levels among lawyers, whether they’re on the partnership track or not?

27 November 2019

What are law firms paying associates?

Featured in Talent management 2019

Fewer Latin American law firm associates feel positive about their salaries than they did a few years ago – and for good reason, as many pay packages are not rising above inflation. But despite meagre economic growth putting paid to increases, more associates rate their wages positively than negatively.

26 November 2019

Venezuela knocks out dual nationals' arbitration claim

A tribunal has declined jurisdiction over a US$370 million investment treaty claim against Venezuela after finding that the state had not consented to The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) arbitration – also saying it would have rejected the case in any event because of the investors’ dual nationality.

18 November 2019

Argentine politics could change anti-graft investigations, hear delegates

Argentina’s high-profile Cuadernos graft scandal might change its course under a new government, heard delegates at Latin Lawyer - GIR Live 7th Annual Anti-Corruption & Investigations, held earlier this month in São Paulo.

31 October 2019

Political instability brings uncertainty for employers, suggest speakers

Political instability and an overarching shift to the left in parts of Latin America are bringing uncertainty for employers in the region, but there are signs of economic strength in some areas, heard delegates at the sixth annual Latin Lawyer Labour & Employment conference held on Wednesday in Miami.

10 October 2019

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