Market: Uruguay

Consumer Protection Act

Uruguay was the only Mercosur country and one of only three Latin American countries that did not have a consumer protection law. An extensive Consumer Relations Act that took effect on August 27, 2000 drastically changes this situation.

27 August 2000

Emergency Bill comes into force on July 16

Act No 17.243 approved by the Executive on June 29, 2000 covers a wide range of topics including investment promotions, tax, antitrust, labour, company, administrative, public, criminal, mutual funds.

16 July 2000

Parliament approves 'catch-all' Act

On June 13 the Parliament approved an Act intended to implement the understandings between the Colorado Party and the Blanco Party.

13 June 2000

Foreign companies authorised to provide satellite TV services to Uruguayan consumers

The decree, approved on May 30, 2000 lifts the ban on the importation of satellite TV receivers imposed only four months ago.

30 May 2000

Ferrere Lamaison announces new litigation partner

As of May 1, 2000 Dr Jorge Marabotto has joined the firm as co-director of the litigation department.

01 May 2000

New Pledge System

A new law (No 17.228) of April 2000 puts an end to an outdated security system which highly restricted access to credit.

01 April 2000

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