Market: Puerto Rico

In-house or law firm: the big career choice

Does working in-house always mean a lighter schedule, and do law firms always pay more? Top lawyers debate the merits of working in-house versus working in a law firm

11 April 2014

GCs are paying more "reasonable" prices for M&A in Brazil, say panellists

The prices GCs are paying their external lawyers for M&A deals in Brazil are coming down, agreed panellists at our recent M&A Conference in São Paulo.

13 December 2013

Latin American CFOs see the bright side

Latin American CFOs are the most optimistic in the world about the outlook for their company, even amid a general decline in business optimism, a new survey has shown.

05 July 2013

Closing the pro bono culture gap

For a foreign multinational company very keen on doing pro bono in Brazil, the issues can be inexplicable, and the culture gap huge. Ford convened a roundtable in São Paulo to try and understand the issues, and LACCA listened in

28 June 2013

Unbundling: a better approach to gain legal efficiencies

Juan Carlos Luna, former regional general counsel of HP and now managing director and legal consultant at Lawgistic, explains how unbundling can help a legal team be more efficient – and so save money on external counsel spend

21 June 2013

Structuring a compliance programme: the Code of Conduct

When structuring an effective compliance programme for your company, how do you get started? Daniel Sibille, Latin America Compliance Counsel at Oracle, will provide a step-by-step guide in monthly articles for LACCA – starting with the Code of Conduct

10 May 2013

Latin American GCs 'reluctant to give business advice'

General counsel in Latin America are often reluctant to provide commercial advice to senior company executives despite having good access to the C-suite, new global research has found.

06 December 2012

“The world we want can only be built on transparency”

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has opened the 15th International Anticorruption Conference this week in Brasília, confirming her government’s commitment to fighting corruption, and the vital role companies and the private sector have to play in future initiatives.

08 November 2012

The convergence challenge

Featured in Who represents Latin America's biggest companies 2012?

Latin America’s biggest companies may turn to thousands of law firms between them, but LACCA’s research implies that list is diminishing, as cost pressures demand fewer, deeper relationships with outside counsel

19 October 2012

Going local

Featured in Who represents Latin America's biggest companies 2012?

Our analysis of the region’s most popular law firms shows that local firms are central to the strategies of Latin America’s biggest companies.

07 October 2012

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