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Changes to Latin Lawyer news submissions

From the start of January 2019, we are changing the way we collect deal submissions. The new process is designed to speed up our reporting on transactions, allow for a broader coverage of deals via monthly round ups and provide readers with a better analysis of who is doing what in the market. In turn, this will deepen and improve our research for the Latin Lawyer 250 and LACCA’s annual list of Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies.

17 December 2018

Bolivia escapes bulk of arbitration treaty claim over silver mine

A divided tribunal has found Bolivia liable for the expropriation of a silver mining concession while awarding the third-party funded claimant significantly less than the US$385 million it had sought – prompting a separate opinion by Chilean arbitrator Francisco Orrego Vicuña shortly before his death last month.

28 November 2018

Uber recruits new legal director for the Andean region

One month into her new position at Uber, Sandra Monroy tells LACCA about the challenges of balancing strategy with launching new products, and how her past success will help in her new role.

23 November 2018

Bolivian mining claim partly clears hurdle

An International Court of Arbitration (ICC) tribunal has allowed an Indian company’s US$86 million claim to proceed against a Bolivian state-owned mining entity – while throwing out claims against the state itself and another state-owned entity.

23 November 2018

Movers and shakers – 9 November

This week’s movers and shakers looks at new hires and promotions across Latin America in the consulting, mobile services and food sector.

09 November 2018

Diversity without limits

Since the rise of the #MeToo movement in the last year, diversity and inclusion are the words on everyone’s lips. Delegates at LACCA’s Miami conference discussed the policies and procedures used by in-house counsel, the risks associated with a lack of diversity, and the legal consequences.

02 November 2018

Ferrere launches maternity mentorship programme

Regional firm Ferrere has launched a programme that pairs first-time mothers at the firm with senior women professionals to provide them tips and support on how to balance work with childcare.

19 October 2018

Bufete Aguirre completes merger with Quintanilla Soria in Bolivia

Bolivia’s Bufete Aguirre has completely merged with Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa almost a year after the two firms announced an initial tie-up between their IP practices.

02 October 2018

Why is racial inequality still the elephant in the room?

Featured in Diversity 2018

More companies implement diversity policies concerning gender and disability than policies addressing ethnicity or race, according to LACCA's research. Christina McKeon Frutuoso speaks to local GCs to find out what’s holding some companies back from addressing the issue of race in the workplace and how corporate counsel can play an important role. 

14 September 2018

Ferrere and Indacochea on Chilean-Bolivian drinks purchase

Ferrere (Bolivia) advised beverage producer Chilena Cervecerías Unidas (CCU) on its acquisition of 51% of shares in Bebidas Bolivianas (BBO), for a price of US$8.5 million.

14 September 2018

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