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Latin Lawyer announces Lifetime Achievement Awards

Featured in 13th Annual Awards

Latin Lawyer is delighted to present its Lifetime Achievement Awards to Ronaldo Veirano, founding partner of Brazil’s Veirano Advogados, and Fernando Aguirre, senior partner at Bolivian firm Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa Sociedad Civil.

20 February 2019

German group in US$2 billion lithium agreement with Bolivian state

A senior partner at Moreno Baldivieso Estudio de Abogados says more public-private tie-ups in Bolivia are likely as his firm helps German construction company ACI Systems secure the first partnership of its kind in the Andean country.

30 January 2019

The scene is set

Featured in Pro bono 2018

From the determined strength of pro bono coordinators to the collaborative efforts of law firms (played out increasingly across borders), the results of our annual pro bono survey demonstrate how pro bono is weaved into the fabric of Latin America’s legal market. The work being done around the region showcases the outstanding achievements of lawyers and clearing houses working together. Now, the challenge is to engage even more lawyers in the fight to bring access to justice to all.

25 January 2019

The missing piece of the puzzle

Featured in Pro bono 2018

Partner participation in pro bono is still low, despite clearing houses’ best efforts to get the senior level of law firms involved. While firms can still make a big contribution to pro bono without partner involvement, the fact remains the partnership holds the power to effect institutional change necessary to increase the volume of work done.

25 January 2019

The roadmap

Featured in Pro bono 2018

It has been a decade since the launch of the Pro Bono Declaration of the Americas, a call to action to expand pro bono across Latin America. We ask lawyers who wrote the declaration about its influence on the evolution of pro bono in the region and what’s needed for the next 10 years.

25 January 2019

Leading Lights

Featured in Pro bono 2018

Law firms that stand out for the pro bono work done by their lawyers and for their efforts to build a lasting pro bono infrastructure, both internally and in their legal market.

25 January 2019

Ferrere strengthens three jurisdictions with promotions

Ferrere has promoted five associates to partner across its Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay offices, increasing its regional partner count to 32.

24 January 2019

Changes to Latin Lawyer news submissions

From the start of January 2019, we are changing the way we collect deal submissions. The new process is designed to speed up our reporting on transactions, allow for a broader coverage of deals via monthly round ups and provide readers with a better analysis of who is doing what in the market. In turn, this will deepen and improve our research for the Latin Lawyer 250 and LACCA’s annual list of Who Represents Latin America’s Biggest Companies.

17 December 2018

Bolivia escapes bulk of arbitration treaty claim over silver mine

A divided tribunal has found Bolivia liable for the expropriation of a silver mining concession while awarding the third-party funded claimant significantly less than the US$385 million it had sought – prompting a separate opinion by Chilean arbitrator Francisco Orrego Vicuña shortly before his death last month.

28 November 2018

Uber recruits new legal director for the Andean region

One month into her new position at Uber, Sandra Monroy tells LACCA about the challenges of balancing strategy with launching new products, and how her past success will help in her new role.

23 November 2018

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