Market: Bolivia

News in brief – 10 February

This month’s news in brief sees developments in Brazil’s famed criminal investigation against state-owned Petrobras, political changes in Bolivia and Peru, and moves towards the legalisation of marijuana in Mexico.

10 February 2020

Leading Lights 2019

Featured in Pro bono 2019

Law firms that stand out for the pro bono work done by their lawyers and for their efforts to build a lasting pro bono infrastructure, both internally and in their legal market.

05 February 2020

Bolivia’s political crisis: then and now

Bolivia plunged into a political crisis after the country’s former leader Evo Morales was forced to step down at the end of 2019, following accusations he committed electoral fraud in October’s election. With an election rerun looming in May, some of the country’s top lawyers reflect on the crisis and predict what might be next for the South American country.

13 January 2020

Levi Strauss expands in the Andean region

White & Case LLP in Houston, Peru’s Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados, Cariola, Díez, Pérez-Cotapos in Santiago and Ferrere (Bolivia) have helped US retail giant Levi Strauss & Co buy 80 stores from its Andean-based distributor, The Jeans Company, for US$50 million.

09 January 2020

Brazil returns to the foreground for M&A ahead of 2020, say bankers

After a troubling 2018, this year saw Brazilian M&A activity begin to return to form – with healthy projections for 2020 – but broader prospects across the region are distinctly varied, according to panellists speaking at Latin Lawyer Live 9th Annual M&A conference in São Paulo.

13 December 2019

A balancing act

Featured in Talent management 2019

Lawyers don’t tend to leave a career in private practice to go in-house for the money, instead they’re often after better equilibrium between their professional and personal lives. Nowadays, law firms are competing better with companies on the work–life balance they offer their associates, but how successful are their efforts?

28 November 2019

Green bonds raise securities’ prices but require faith, say panellists

Green and social responsibility bonds can drive up pricing and even company share value, but can also incur higher transaction costs – meaning companies considering issuing them must share the same values to be confident the bonds will pay off,  heard delegates at Latin Lawyer Live 2nd Annual Capital Markets conference – which took place on 19 November in São Paulo.

28 November 2019

Making it count

Featured in Talent management 2019

Generation Y is often thought of as a tough nut for employers to crack, so it’s positive news for law firm managing partners that a good number of today’s associates have long-term ambitions at the firms they are in. But with so many lawyers having their heart set on becoming partner and only a certain number of spots available, how can firms maintain satisfaction levels among lawyers, whether they’re on the partnership track or not?

27 November 2019

What are law firms paying associates?

Featured in Talent management 2019

Fewer Latin American law firm associates feel positive about their salaries than they did a few years ago – and for good reason, as many pay packages are not rising above inflation. But despite meagre economic growth putting paid to increases, more associates rate their wages positively than negatively.

26 November 2019

Lifetime Achievement Award: Fernando Aguirre

From self-exile, to partaking in clandestine governments, to helping establish democracy in Bolivia, Fernando Aguirre has redefined what it means to go above and beyond the conventional lawyer’s calling. Latin Lawyer speaks to one of this year’s two Lifetime Achievement Award winners to find out how he balanced his political life with private practice.

22 November 2019

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