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João Daniel Rassi



LL 250


Practice areas: Crimes against the national financial system and crimes involving foreign exchange, crimes against the consumer, public welfare and the economic order, crimes involving public tenders, corporate crimes, environmental crimes, crimes involving communications violations in general, honour crimes, crimes against intangible property, compliance, combat of corporate fraud.

Academic background: Graduated from the Methodist University of Piracicaba (UNIMEP), in 1996. Specialisation in criminal law at the Salamanca University (USAL), Spain. Master’s in criminal law from the University of São Paulo (USP). Doctor of criminal law from the University of São Paulo (USP) Law School. Doctor in criminal law proceedings from the University of São Paulo (USP) Law School.

Memberships: State coordinator at the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences (IBCcrim) – 6th State Region - SP. Member of the Commission for Rights and Prerogatives of the Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo Chapter (OAB / SP). Member of the São Paulo Lawyers' Institute (IASP).

Professional experience: More than 10 years of experience in criminal law and criminal procedural law, in areas connected to business activities, such as criminal proceedings involving the environment, the tax and fiscal system, the financial and capital markets, intellectual property, antitrust and consumer relations, as well as combat of corporate and compliance fraud. Currently a professor in the graduate program at the Law School of the Anhanguera Educational College and a visiting professor in the graduate program at the Superior School of Law of the State of São Paulo (ESA), the Methodist University of Piracicaba (UNIMEP), ATAME Graduate Programmes and Courses of Goiânia and the São Paulo Law School (EPD). Author of several books and articles.

DOB: 3 June 1974.

Firm Unit: Siqueira Castro - Advogados / São Paulo

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