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Ismael Reyes Retana

Malpica, Iturbe, Buj & Paredes


LL 250


Ismael Reyes Retana joined Malpica, Iturbe, Buj & Paredes in 2024. He focuses on regulatory matters and administrative litigations. He has a unique vision capable of seeing both sides of the coin a talent that comes from more than 25 years of experience working in the public sector and more than a decade at an international law firm in Mexico.

Noteworthy in his experience is Ismael’s achievement of novel injunctions in constitutional matters. These involved several aspects new to Mexican law, such as the defence of collective and extended rights, and innovative means to secure the standing of his clients in courts. Ismael’s innovative work was recognised by The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers North America 2017 and 2019 reports in the "Rule of Law and Access to Justice" category. Ismael has also received “2020 Pro Bono Trajectory Recognition,” by the Fundación Appleseed Mexico.

During his time in the public sector, Ismael became a leading specialist in constitutional and administrative law in Mexico, acting first as Director-General of Legal Studies of the Presidency, then as Deputy Legal Counsel to the President, and until 2008, as Federal Deputy Attorney General for Tax Matters and Deputy Counsel to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Subprocurador Fiscal Federal).

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