Partner Profile

Giovanni Priori

Miranda & Amado


LL 250


Lawyer from Pontificia Catholic University of Peru. Miranda y Amado’s partner since 2018. Partner at Benites, de las Casas, Forno y Ugaz until 2007, and partner of Priori & Carrillo Abogados until 2017. His practice is focused in dispute resolution, either in negotiations to resolve them or sponsorship in arbitrations and in civil, constitutional and administrative process.

Main professor in the law department of Pontificia Catholic University of Peru where he is director of the master’s in procedural law, director of the Legal Training Center and a member of the board of the Faculty of Law. President of the Working Group for the reform of the Civil Procedure Code (2016–2017). Arbitrator of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, of the Arbitration Center of the Pontificia Catholic University of Peru and of AMCHAM–PERU. Member of the Ibero-American Institute of Procedural Law and the International Association of Procedural Law.

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