Partner Profile

Arturo Apestegui

EY Law (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica

LL 250


Mr Apéstegui has extensive legal experience in the corporate and financial world. He has led teams in multiple mergers and acquisitions, both local and cross-border, and has over 25 years of experience advising local and international banks doing business in Costa Rica. Many of its clients are franchisees, licensees or distributors of international companies, so he has developed an intimate knowledge of this part of law. Mr Apéstegui has also advised real estate developers at all stages of their business, from financing and buying the land to selling the finished products. Given his direct and close involvement with client affairs, he has also become their trusted personal adviser and has helped in the preparation of their family structures and personal succession plans.

Arturo Apéstegui holds a degree in law from the Autonomous University of Central America and a master’s in law from the Law Center of Georgetown University.

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