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Santiváñez Abogados


Santiváñez Abogados was founded in 1964 in Piura, began operating as a national firm since 2005 and opened its independent Lima office in 2009. The firm has experienced permanent organic growth and has benefited greatly from integration with specialist boutique firms, most notably Energy Partners in 2011, an energy and infrastructure firm serving government and state-owned companies; Capella & Delgado in 2013, a boutique firm specialising in labour law, labour tax and occupational health and safety; and Auler & Pinto in 2020, a corporate and real state boutique firm.

The firm has 28 lawyers in two offices located in Lima and Piura and has evolved into one of the most dynamic and specialised law firms in Peru, combining more than 50 years of professional experience with highly specialised industry and sector-oriented practices, adding a personalised - boutique standard - service, that has created strong relationships with clients for several decades.

Professional ethics, transparency, diversity and meritocracy are the core values of our firm, the means used in our daily activities are equally important to the objectives and results. This is greatly valued by our clients, either, national or transnational, governmental or private.  

The attorneys of the firm have been trained in the best universities of Peru, Europe and the USA, and have earned significant domestic and cross-border experience in all the areas of practice required by a dynamic and globalised economy, including: corporate and M&A; labour, safety and health; taxation; project development and finance; concessions and public works; regulation and antitrust; energy and natural resources; environment and climate change; real estate, litigation, dispute resolution and arbitration; among others. 

Our firm has become a hub of business opportunities for our clients and a strategic partner for the development and execution of new ventures and projects. 

Some key facts of our firm and clients

Fifty-one per cent of the firm’s total staff is female; 90% under 55; 44% of the Lima office staff were born in the provinces of Peru and 27% descend from migrants; our work load is divided in 36% cross-border matters for international clients, 34% domestic matters for local and international private clients, and 30% domestic matters for governmental bodies or state-owned companies; our local clients include 21 of Peru’s 50 largest companies by revenue; and, our international clients come from over 30 different countries.

Relevant statistics of our firm’s transactional experience of the past years

US$5.6 billion in M&A; US$12 billion in corporate and project financing; US$5.8 billion in BOOT concessions; USD 2.2 billion in arbitration; over 3,700MW of power generation concessions and authorisation; and, over 4,200MW of power purchase agreements.
Av. República de Panamá 3461, 9th Floor
San Isidro, Lima 15036

Los Tamarindos 274
Piura, Piura 2001

Lima: + 51 1 200 8000
Piura: +51 73 32 6994

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