Firm Profile

Rodríguez Angobaldo Abogados


LL 250 Elite

Partners: 5

Lawyers: 22

Locations: Lima

Analysis: This arbitration and litigation boutique, which was launched in 1997, handles some of the most complex disputes, representing a healthy portfolio of clients from the banking, telecommunications, energy and mining sectors. The firm recently entered ACLA, an association of litigation and arbitration firms with members in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Clients praise the team’s professionalism, sense of responsibility, efficiency and high degree of specialisation. Telefónica del Perú and Scotiabank Perú are past clients. The firm is currently representing Peruvian insurance company RIMAC Seguros y Reaseguros in administrative proceedings.

Featured work areas and key partners

Litigation: Fernando Rodríguez Angobaldo, Jaime Heredia Tamayo, Adolfo Pinillos

Arbitration: Fernando Rodríguez Angobaldo, Jaime Heredia Tamayo

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