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Ramírez, Gutiérrez-Azpe, Rodríguez-Rivero y Hurtado, SC


For more than 20 years, Ramírez, Gutiérrez-Azpe, Rodríguez-Rivero y Hurtado, SC (RGRH) has held a place among the leading business firms in México. Since its inception, RGRH has participated in sophisticated transactions that require a multidisciplinary approach, representing a wide array of domestic and foreign clients that range from individuals to multinational corporations, many of them from the Fortune 500 list.

We are experts at guiding clients through the following processes:

  • Acquiring a business in Mexico;
  • Establishing a business in Mexico;
  • Operating a business in Mexico;
  • Developing joint venture relationships with Mexican partners;
  • Negotiating cross-border trade relationships; and
  • Rendering advice in day-to-day legal matters.

RGRH provides timely, first-class, personal and professional services. With a profound knowledge of the Mexican business environment, our attorneys are capable of providing the necessary legal advice to allow our clients to make the best decisions for their businesses.

At RGRH, we put great emphasis on education as well as practical experience. We choose our lawyers from the best law schools in Mexico, and most of them have studied and worked in the United States and Europe.

The firm belongs to internationally recognised law firm networks with a presence throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. This allows RGRH to support its clients with needs in jurisdictions other than Mexico with first-class legal services.

Areas of practice

At RGRH, we provide comprehensive legal services in different areas that allow our clients to have their legal needs covered without the need to look for legal services in other places. Our areas of practice include anticorruption and compliance, antitrust and competition, civil and commercial litigation contracting, consumer protection, corporate, employment and labour, finance, fintech, immigration, infrastructure, international trade, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and tax advice and litigation.

Languages: The languages spoken by our staff include Spanish, English, French, German and Romanian.

Galileo 55 1st Floor 

Col. Polanco 
11560 Mexico City
Tel: +52 55 5280 91 93
Fax: +52 55 5281 0851

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