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Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados


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Established: 1996

Partners: 17

Lawyers: 114

Female partners: 24%

Partner to associate ratio: 5.7

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2021 Latin Lawyer Elite Firm

Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is an astute choice for deal-making and is regularly seen on transactions as well as on some of the more innovative work in the country. Complementing its transactional strength is an aptitude for dispute resolution and antitrust work, both of which are booming and highly regarded. Indeed, it is safe to say that this firm is an all-around heavyweight, with a calibre of lawyers who can please the neediest of clients.

After a few years of significant headcount growth, taking it way above the 100-lawyer mark, Payet Rey is one of the five largest outfits listed in the Peruvian chapter of the Latin Lawyer 250. It considers that its compactness, horizontal structure along with the deep-rooted culture of keeping the firm tightly together, allows it to coordinate deals across teams more efficiently while keeping quality and top-notch services as its hallmark. The goal is yet to become a full-service leader in Peru, for which the partnership believes it is on the right track, having only to finetune and consolidate.

Payet Rey takes a modern approach to providing legal services, which can be attributed both to the firm’s youth and relationships with international firms. While the firm is youthful, its senior rank is less diverse than some rivals, something its leadership recognises and is working to change. Half of the workforce are women, and an overwhelming majority of counsel and partner promotions over the last two years have been women. In 2020, it implemented an internal career advancement programme for female lawyers, through which young talent are partnered with experienced female practitioners to gain support and advice for career development

Payet Rey believes it must do its part, understanding that it is more than just allowing people to work remotely but to actually change the mindset of people, and thinks it can benefit from being a more inclusive workplace. A few years ago, the firm rebranded and made its logo in different colour combinations to symbolise the firm’s push for diversity. More recently, it has enhanced its parental leave policies and claims to be one of the first Peruvian organisations to offer LGTBQI+ employees the ability to enrol their partners in the company’s health insurance scheme. Meritocratic values will not be sacrificed, but a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination is enforced and flexitime is on offer to all. Payet Rey’s leadership is overwhelmingly convinced that diversity will make the firm better and enrich its professionals. Among other internal changes, the firm has updated its career track and is reconsidering its use of the office space. However, if the office is to be used differently, it is not to cut costs but to increase efficiency and offer more flexibility to staff.

The firm’s diversity efforts are not its only important initiatives. Payet Rey is determined to join Peru’s fight against corruption and has integrity and ethics policies in place, along with internal bribery and anti-money laundering systems. In addition to publishing a set of guiding principles, the firm is conducting detailed KYC checks on all its clients, turning down questionable ones as well as avoiding dubious co-counsel. The goal is to be beyond ill repute in a country paralysed by graft scandals and acts of corruption.

The start of 2021 saw the promotion of the firm’s labour head to partner, along with the internal appointment of a regulatory counsel – both women. That followed on from two partner promotions the year prior, across its banking and criminal law practices.


José Antonio Payet and Juan Antonio Egüez are the firm’s co-managing partners. They sit on the managing committee alongside Carlos Patrón, who oversees business development matters, and Juan José Cauvi and Susan Castillo, both of whom are in charge of human resources aspects at the firm.

Alliances & networks

Payet Rey is a member of the global independent law firm alliance World Law Group.

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