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Milaré Advogados


Client focused leaders in environmental law

LL 250 Highly Recommended

Established: 1996

Partners: 2

Lawyers: 17

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Milaré Advogados’ technical understanding of environmental law is as diverse as Brazil’s landscape itself. Its roots in activism fighting for crucial environmental causes affecting the country have instilled in this firm a fiery resolve to enact positive change through its legal abilities. The result is that it has become an elite environmental boutique in Brazil and is highly revered within the legal community.

The firm provides an extensive range of legal services including judicial and administrative litigation related to environmental matters; drafting of environmental codes; crisis management associated with natural disasters; disputes mediation; and the implantation of preventative measures against harmful practices to the environment. In terms of the legal work the group saw in 2020, it advised on several lawsuits and injunctions that were overseen by Brazil’s Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA). While 2020 kept many indoors due to lockdown restrictions amid the pandemic, the year brought another devastating spate of rainforest fires to Brazil’s Amazonas region – which were considered the worst in a decade. That is an ongoing issue the firm keeps a close eye on, and it is likely to fuel further work within its legal sphere. The firm was kept busy by cases arising in the agribusiness sector from inadequate licensing as well as matters related to water pollution.

Managing partner Édis Milaré is a pioneering force in Brazilian environmental law. He helms the firm along with Lucas Tamer Milaré. The partners have steered some of the most landmark cases in the history of Brazilian environment law, such as the polemic construction of the Belo Monte hydropower station. Édis Milaré has drafted several environmental laws that are in force in Brazil, including the social and environmental sector of the 1988 constitution. Lawyers here are not only technically expert practitioners but are also avid activists that are truly passionate about their work.

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