Professional Notice

Martinelli Advogados


Martinelli Advogados is one of the most distinguished and innovative full-service law firms in Brazil, driven by excellence in services and reputation with a business perspective. Founded in 1997, the firm has expanded throughout strategic Brazilian cities, with a highly qualified technical excellence and quality legal services to satisfy its clients' needs. Different clients, different solutions, and because of that we always play on our client’s side providing personalised services.

We believe that our greatest asset is our people. That is the reason why we focus on constant training, development and evolution, employing our best efforts to qualify our professionals, assuring that they have the skills to make things happen with efficiency, excellence, speed and compliance. Our daily purpose is to surpass our clients’ expectations. We seek to be long-term business partners to our clients, since intelligent and innovative solutions enable us both to grow together. What especially binds us to our clients is a close, personal and permanent relationship with them.

Our multidisciplinary team of more than 1,000 professionals includes lawyers, advisers, consultants, interns and paralegals, assuring that the client receives high-quality legal and advisory services in addition to a customised support provided in a deep understanding of our clients’ objectives.

The firm has also global reach, being part of an international network of independent firms and also having best friend alliances with worldwide local and global law firms, advising domestic and foreign clients in Brazil and also giving support to Brazilian companies in foreign jurisdictions.

Our main areas of practice are tax, capital markets, compliance, corporate, mergers & acquisitions, criminal law, international commercial and trade, dispute resolution, environmental, immigration and expatriation, international tax, labour and employment, litigation, pension funds and regulatory.

We focus on industries in a range of sectors including agribusiness and cooperatives, automotive and metallurgy, cellulose and paper, chemical and petrochemical, construction and services, energy, food and beverage, oil and gas, consumer goods and retail, textile, timber, transport and logistics. We also provide assistance to the technological and innovation sector, including venture capital, startups and players in the digital economy.

The reflection of our alliance and commitment with clients allows us to be more interactive and closer to them in different locations throughout several cities in this country: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Brasilia, Florianópolis, Joinville, Maringá, Caxias do Sul, Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Criciúma, Chapecó, Cascavel, Passo Fundo and Sinop.

Pro bono and social responsibility

Martinelli has also a strong commitment to citizenship actions, demonstrated by our pro bono activities and by our Instituto Martinelli Solidariedade, the social arm of our firm, which recently completed 15 years of work, supporting countless entities and helping people to improve education, health conditions and social justice.

São Paulo
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima
4.300, 9o andar, 04538-132
São Paulo - SP
Tel: +55 11 2175 4350
Rio de Janeiro
Rua Lauro Müller, 116, Torre Rio Sul
39º andar, 
salas 3901, 3905 e 3906
22290-160, Botafogo - RJ
Tel: +55 21 2221 9089

Belo Horizonte
Rua Paraíba, 550, 14º e 25º andares
30130-140 – Belo Horizonte– MG
Tel: +55 31 3555 1800
Porto Alegre
Av. Soledade, 550 - 13° e 14º andares
Edifício Carlos Gomes Center, 90470-340
Porto Alegre - RS
Tel: +55 51 3393 2800
Av. Dr. Luiz Teixeira Mendes
2386 Zona 5
87015-001, Maringá – PR
Tel: +55 44 2101 5383
Perini Business Park (Joinville)
Rua Dona Francisca, 8300
Ágora Tech Park, Distrito Industrial
89239-270, Joinville – SC
Tel: +55 47 21015970

Rua Coronel Santiago
177 Anita Garibaldi
89203-560, Joinville – SC
Tel: +55 47 2101 1800
SCN, Quadra 5, Centro Empresarial Brasilia Shopping Torre Sul, Sala 1402
Brasilia – DF 
Tel: +55 61 3328 3370

Rua Cristóvão Nunes Pires
110 - Salas 802/803 Centro, 88010-120
Florianópolis – SC
Tel: +55 48 3322 2751

Av. do Batel, 1647, Landmark Batel, 9º e 10º andares, Batel, 80420-090
Curitiba – PR
Tel: +55 41 2104 1900
Rua Afonso Pena, 1876, Edifício Level
Salas 301 e 302, Centro, 85812-100
Cascavel – PR
Tel: +55 45 3224 9901
Rua Cel. Pedro Benedet, 190
Sala 303 Centro 88801-250
Criciúma – SC
Tel: +55 48 3437 0941
Rua Mal. Deodoro da Fonseca, 400 E
Sala 802 Centro, 89802-140
Chapecó - SC
Tel: +55 49 3324 2545
Caxias do Sul
Rua Germano Arduino Toniolo, 247, 3º andar, bairro Villagio Iguatemi, 95012-346
Caxias do Sul - RS
Tel: +55 54 3222 4234
Passo Fundo
Rua Quinze de Novembro, 961 – Alpha Design Offices, Salas 1205/1206 - Centro
99010-090, Passo Fundo – RS
Tel: +55 54 3622 2838
Av. José de Souza Campos, 575, 7º andar
Cambuí, 13025-320
Campinas - SP
Tel: +55 19 3294 2491

Ribeirão Preto
Av. Luiz Eduardo de Toledo Prado, 800, Salas 911 a 919
Vila do Golf - 14027-250
Ribeirão Preto – SP
Tel: +55 16 3516 5100

Rua das Amendoeiras, 78 St. Comercial, 78550-076
Sinop – MT

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