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Maillard Abogados Laborales


Founded in 1983, Maillard Abogados Laborales is a Mexican law firm specialising in all aspects related to labour law. From providing class-leading business strategies and advice to local and foreign multinational clients that have existing operations in Mexico or are considering expanding their businesses into Mexico, to individual and collective labour contract negotiations, labour union strategies, executive compensation and labour discrimination matters, Maillard Abogados Laborales runs the gamut with top-tier service offerings for employers and employees alike. 

Our goal is simple, to always seek the best result for our client, establishing ourselves, through diligent effort, as the best labour law firm in Mexico, effectively making a significant positive change in the lives of our clients, our collaborators and our country.

We have distinguished ourselves by our ability to successfully handle dispute resolution matters in the Mexican legal system as brought forth by our dedicated litigation team, renowned for accepting challenging matters, larger, full-service firms disregarded due to their complexity or the level of commitment required to resolve favourably.

With almost 40 years in the business, we are well aware that while litigation is key to dispute resolution there is another, more nuanced layer that relates to our decades long relationships with labour unions, commerce chambers, associations and government entities, alongside with deep knowledge of policy and politics that provide us with a competitive advantage that goes beyond the policy and politics required to resolve complex issues involving labor unions, carrying out successful negotiations that allow for win-win scenarios for everyone involved.

We actively challenge the definition of “full-service” and “boutique” firms alike, with over 100+ collaborators, and offering top-level services for every step of the employer/employee interaction, by covering: business development, workplace regulations, compliance, dispute resolution, social security, benefits, compensations and union negotiations. This has led us to create the following specialist client service groups within our firm, offering:

  • Consulting services
  • Litigation
  • Amparos (injunctions)
  • Labour compliance diagnostics
  • Collective labour agreements advisory services and support
  • Internal workplace regulations
  • Termination agreements
  • Public agency support
  • Workspace inspections
  • Individual labour agreements and consulting

Not satisfied with covering the scope of services related to labour law, during the past five years, Maillard Abogados Laborales has invested significant time and resources to leverage existing technologies and co-developing artificial intelligence projects to provide an unprecedented level of transparency and customer service.

Having scanned archived data, creating the relevant metadata, and using a proprietary software solution we are able to improve the flow of information, end-to-end, for all the matters we are now working on.

By pushing the digital envelope, Maillard Abogados Laborales can track and deliver 24/7 real-time matter updates online to their clients, providing an unmatched service experience.

Our commitment to quality and service has attracted a significant number of foreign clients. No strangers to high standards, our firm has more Japanese clients than any other labour law firm in Mexico.

At Maillard Abogados Laborales, we not only strive to be the leading firm in our field, we are also committed to achieving this in our pro bono practice. From the beginning, we have sought to develop a culture that values and protects those who need it most. We provide free legal advice, in the areas in which the firm specialises, to those in vulnerable sectors.

Our firm represents diverse clients in pro bono matters, offering legal services with the same level of commitment and quality that distinguishes us.

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