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Magalhães e Dias Advocacia


Magalhães e Dias Advocacia is the most traditional law firm specialised in economic law in Brazil. The firm was founded in 1980 as the firm has established itself as the country’s main law boutique in antitrust, consumer law, international trade, regulatory and administrative law. Magalhães e Dias Advocacia is now widely regarded as the premier destination for complex cases that demand customised solutions.

Name-partners Carlos Francisco de Magalhães and Gabriel Nogueira (managing partner) and partners Fabio Nusdeo, Cristina Bertaco, Lucia Ancona Lopez de Magalhães and Francisco Niclós Negrão have welcomed five new partners, Raquel Cândido, Cristiano Rodrigo Del Debbio, Yi Shin Tang, Thais Guerra and Hermes Nereu Oliveira, who among high-potential associates contribute decisively to the growth and perennial outstand results of the firm.

It is worth mentioning that the firm guarantees equal opportunities to all lawyers. There is very low turnover in the team, so the clients know who their lawyers are, and the lawyers know each client well. It also guarantees a fair salary based on merits and performance.

The firm believes and practices gender balance. Sixty per cent of the firm’s lawyers are women. Thirty-seven per cent of partners are women and three of whom are under the age of 45.

The firm is headquartered in São Paulo and has had an office in Brasília, the Federal District, for more than 20 years.

Our clients – mostly large Brazilian groups and multinational companies – include at least 16 of the 50 largest private companies established in Brazil.

The firm has the largest and the most specialised team in Brazilian competition law and has advised clients in most major antitrust cases in recent years before Brazilian antitrust authorities and the judiciary. It is composed of 27 members – lawyers and economists – of whom 18 are direct or indirectly dedicated to antitrust law. The firm’s lawyers have vast experience representing corporations. Most of its professionals have a PhD/doctoral degree in law and/or economics and teach at well-known Brazilian universities. In addition, its lawyers have published in numerous national and international books, specialist magazines, and business and economics journals. The firm partners with the most renowned economists and economic consulting companies on antitrust, regulatory and international trade assignments.

In addition to its expertise in competition law, Magalhães e Dias Advocacia is also very active in proceedings involving administrative law, economic regulation and civil litigation. This is a natural consequence of its experience in conducting administrative proceedings in regulatory and competition agencies. The fact that several regulatory and administrative issues originate from and are grounded on competition matters increases the importance and pre-eminence of Magalhães e Dias. Considering the synergies of its antitrust expertise with other areas and with the goal to better attend to the needs of its clients, the firm also has been developing comprehensive work in cases related to consumer law and international trade.

Magalhães e Dias Advocacia is also notable for its growth and reputation in several areas connected to specialised civil litigation. Besides handling complex cases involving commercial disputes, advertising campaigns, corporate disputes and agreement controversies, the firm has also been successful in complex appeals to the judiciary related to administrative decisions rendered by Brazilian competition and regulatory agencies, as well as remedies concerning anticompetitive conduct investigations.

Rua Armando Penteado, 304
01242 010 Pacaembu
São Paulo
Tel: +55 11 3829 4411

SHS Quadra 6, Conjunto A, Complexo Brasil 2, Bloco E, Sala 1103 CEP 70.322-915
Brasília DF
Tel: +55 61 3328 0431

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