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Madrona Advogados


Madrona Advogados started its activities in 2015 with a group of seven highly experienced partners. It currently has 22 partners who have received recognition for their achievements in their practice areas by several international publications. Promoting an ethical environment in business and investing in training people are two of the great challenges of our time. An increasingly interconnected world, with technology that gets more and more advanced, requires that any organisation stands for transparency, commitment to the promotion of diversity, and respect for differences. Madrona Advogados was launched with that spirit. Focusing on corporate law, our motivation is to understand the times we live in, invest in people, and work so that our clients reach their goals, always with ethics and responsibility.

With a team of more than 100 legal professionals with great experience and recommended by several national and international publications, the members of Madrona Advogados stand behind the principles and objectives that we set out to achieve. We want to be among the most admired firms and seek to be a reference to our peers, associates and employees. Our greatest challenge is to grow sustainably, keeping our focus on our team’s high technical quality and ethical standards, boosting business in a fluidity way.

Practice areas

Mergers and acquisitions, corporate, contracts, corporate governance, succession and estate planning, banking and finance, capital market, infrastructure, public law and regulatory, energy, oil and gas, environmental law, project finance, tax law, real estate, civil litigation, mediation and arbitration, credit recovery, bankruptcy and reorganisation, antitrust and competition law, agribusiness, labor law, white-collar and compliance, intellectual property.


Madrona Advogados' clients include national and foreign clients in a broad range of sectors, including private equity and venture capital, banks and financial services, energy and natural resources, agribusiness, food and beverage, healthcare, mining, oil and gas, real estate, third sector, transport and logistics.

Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3064 – 11st FLOOR
CEP 01451-000
São Paulo, SP

SHIS QL 24, conjunto 01 Casa 01 - Lago Sul
CEP 71665-015
Brasília, DF

+55 11 4883 8750

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