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Lollato Lopes Rangel Ribeiro Advogados


Boutique firm with a sole focus on restructuring and insolvency areas, Lollato Lopes Rangel Ribeiro provides a high level of attention in delivering strategical and innovative solutions for its clients. 

Well-established for 30 years, the firm has offices in different regions of Brazil and has gathered experience in cross-border matters and litigation insolvency-related matters, in both middle-market and high-profile cases. 

The firm has strong story representing companies in the bankruptcy process, with more than 200 restructuring cases on behalf of debtors. It is most proud of its negotiated its clients’ debts and enabling them to be profitable institutions again. Recent ongoing cases involve “Grupo Thá”, established in 1895 and one of the oldest and most important construction groups in Brazil, as well as the Brazilian branch of a multinational pharmaceutical group. 

The firm has worked with clients of several economic sectors, such as banking institutions, telecom, real estate, agribusiness, among others. It also advises local and international investors, shareholders and creditors in bankruptcy and distressed transactions. 

Highly specialised team in insolvency, judicial or extrajudicial reorganisation, as well as strategic litigation and arbitration. It is the firm's view that all cases should be personally handled by the partners so that their experience is applied to all aspects of the cases. This allows us to treat clients with a strategic approach that goes beyond the normal legal handing of typical restructuring case, meaning being involved in transactions that run parallel, not just to legal work but to the business.

Main areas of practice 

Judicial/extrajudicial reorganisation and insolvency

  • Assistance for companies in financial or economic crisis that includes judicial/extrajudicial reorganisation procedure; 
  • Diagnosis and definition of the best strategy to be adopted, considering the indebtedness profile; 
  • Judicial or extrajudicial representation of the company in negotiations with creditors or in cases of judicial/extrajudicial reorganisation, as well as drawing up restructuring plans and conducting creditors assembly; 
  • Advice in all phases of the reorganisation procedure, with the preparation of the instruments for implementation; 
  • Conduct of legal proceedings involving creditors.

Judicial and arbitral litigation

  • Experience in conducting the phase of disputes that precedes lawsuits, in advising negotiations or in defining the judicial strategy to be adopted. 
  • Litigation related to credits and debts with the debtor or the creditor acting in all aspects of banking law. The firm also represents companies, cooperatives and individuals from the most diverse segments in litigation related to credit recovery. 
  • Judicial disputes and strategic arbitrations related to commercial contracts, corporate and capital market discussions: dissolution of companies, accountability of directors, breach of agreements and corporate contracts, defence of the interests of investment funders and accountability, defence of capital market agents.

Special credit situations

  • Consultative action in the analysis of opportunities in the credit segment, such as: precatory, non-performing credits and judicial or arbitrator credit rights. Elaboration of audit reports, consultancy, legal opinions on lawsuits and legal issues discussed to demonstrate the feasibility and risks of operations. Elaboration of instruments to formalise the purchase and sale of types of asset. 
  • Representation of funds and investment banks after the acquisition of the assets.

São Paulo: Rua do Rócio 350 Cj. 51 Vila Olímpia CEP 04552-000
Florianópolis: Rod. Jose Carlos Daux, 5500 Torre Jurerê A, Sala 413 Saco Grande CEP 88032-005
Curitiba: Av. Cândido de Abreu 660 Sala 101 Centro Cívico CEP 80530-000
São Paulo: +55 11 2574 2644
Florianópolis: +55 48 3036 0476
Curitiba: +55 41 3092 5550

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