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Guevara & Gutiérrez is one of the pre-eminent law firms in Bolivia, capable of providing a full range of legal services. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond fast and efficiently to our clients’ requirements and we are, consequently, proud of our record and reputation in that regard.

Over the years we have formed a highly efficient team that combines many years of professional experience – both at a local and international level – with top of the line academic qualifications. The success of this combination is reflected in the constant growth of the firm and its portfolio of clients. Being one of the largest law firms in Bolivia allows us to carry out very complex and demanding projects in an efficient manner.

The firm offers its services within Bolivia through its main offices located in La Paz and Santa Cruz and by means of its affiliates located throughout other cities in this country.

Main practice areas

Corporate M&A: Planning and providing advice on efficient and effective forms of doing business in Bolivia are the main areas of practice of this department. We have ample experience in the incorporation of companies and other investment vehicles, tailored to meet the needs of each enterprise. The firm has wide experience in helping clients in the preparation of tender offers in international public and private bidding procedures. With effective procedures for carrying out due diligence investigations the firm also provides high quality advice in mergers and acquisitions.

Banking and finance/ capital markets: Innovation in creating security structures which enable effective risk management in highly regulated sectors is the focus of this department. It was created in order to cater to the needs of clients that require expertise and ample experience in structured financing, local and international capital markets, pension funds, and insurance services among others.

International tax and financial planning: The firm has ample experience in providing advice on complicated investment and payment structures so as to maximise the tax advantages for different types of business ventures. 

Energy: Bolivia is rich in energy resources allowing a strong practice in the regulated energy sectors of electricity, oil and natural gas. The energy group has acquired invaluable experience in representing clients in local and international ventures. The firm has provided advice to companies involved in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons as well as major electricity generating, transmission, and distribution companies in Bolivia. 

Dispute resolution and litigation: The firm has been local counsel in most investment arbitration cases involving Bolivia and has also acted as well in numerous local and international arbitration procedures, providing advice on cases involving a wide range of complexity and amounts. The litigation group has been consistently successful in representing companies in complex cases before Bolivian civil and administrative courts of law, the Supreme Court as well as the Constitutional Court.

Natural resources: The firm provides advice to companies regarding exploitation, management and development of regulated natural resources including land, water, mining and forest products and provides advice on environmental matters. 

Labour: Catering primarily to foreign companies, operating in Bolivia, the firm has vast experience in helping foreign nationals navigate through the complicated labour regulations as well as to work and operate in Bolivia.

Real estate: The firm offers expertise in sales and acquisitions of land, land use, real estate secured loan originations, litigation in real estate matters and purge of land titles, both in urban and rural areas.  

Intellectual property: The firm registers industrial and intellectual property for domestic and foreign companies, providing high quality and personalised monitoring of each particular trademark registered.

Calle 15 
Torre Ketal, Piso 4 Oficina No. 2 
La Paz, Bolivia
PO Box 9332
Tel: +591 2 2770808
Fax: +591 2 2796462

Calle 8 Este, No. 19  
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Tel: +591 3 3433594
Fax: +591 3 3459763

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