Firm Profile

González Calvillo, SC


Bullish firm with dealmaking flair

LL 250 Elite

Established: 1987

Partners: 20

Lawyers: 81

Female partners: 10%

Partner to associate ratio: 3.1

Work areas

This firm is elite for services in the following work areas.

Mexican legal outfit González Calvillo leads by innovation. This firm stands out as a forward-thinking outfit with highly trained lawyers who provide a rounded full-service offering. It only recently surpassed its 35th year in operation, and that youthfulness runs visibly through the firm’s veins. González Calvillo prides itself on its collaborative approach, with lawyers from different departments coming together to handle cases with confidence.

Backed by strong and highly esteemed corporate and finance practices, the outfit complements transactional talent with a thriving assortment of countercyclical areas. At its core, González Calvillo prides itself as a dealmaking firm with skilled negotiators who genuinely value the importance of building long-lasting relationships with clients. Organisations that retain the firm’s services commend this as one of González Calvillo’s most compelling attributes, praising the responsiveness of lawyers here, as well as the sharp and informed decision-making skills of its lead transactional partners.

Corporate and finance capabilities are reinforced by noted skills in highly regulated industries such as energy, environment and telecoms. González Calvillo has cultivated a highly reputed environmental team, much of which was established by highly respected partner Leopoldo Burguete Stanek, who passed away in 2022. The firm’s skilful regulatory practice has remained busy assisting international clients amid controversial changes to energy policies in Mexico. The outfit also houses robust antitrust and labour areas that can respond to more adverse circumstances with agility. González Calvillo’s litigation team is young, having been founded under 20 years ago, but makes for a particularly impressive offering for a transactional-focused firm. When it comes to litigious work, clients typically favour their chosen transactional adviser to guide them on those matters too, which plays González Calvillo’s favour. The firm promoted a lawyer to partner here in 2022. Meanhile, the intellectual property group has taken off as a powerhouse in its own right, with that success spilling into its burgeoning life sciences group. The department saw a new partner in 2022 as well, and so did the M&A and labour groups.

The outfit only adds new practice areas where it sees heightened demand, avoiding expansion for the sake of expansion. González Calvillo’s decision not to launch a tax consulting practice has benefitted the firm as it has allowed it to foster its working relationships with local boutiques and professional services firms. Its recent alliance with Díaz Rivera, Lalieu, Rosas, SC is an example of this. Recently added practice areas, however, include fintech and ESG. Proof of its growth in the fintech area is provided by the star-studded list of clients on its roster, including Google, Mastercard and Rappi. With future opportunities always on its mind, the firm is all too aware of the growing trend for nearshoring in Mexico and is thus taking measures to bolster its foreign trade offering. As such, it has also put time into souping up its offering in this area to ensure clients are assured that they are prepared for any tax implications on foreign trading and that they can find solutions to benefit them.

González Calvillo has worked hard to hone its internal structure, based on integrity, innovation and collaboration. The firm is a few years into its new structure, which established a new compensation scheme aimed to boost collegiality, stability and cohesion. Employees value the fairness of the new structure, while the organisation includes a compensation committee that evaluates remuneration at the firm. Senior members of the firm, such as managing partner José Víctor Torres, sit on this committee and several other boards at the firm. The outfit has committees for business development, diversity, labour and more. Members of those groups are elected every two years by equity partners at the firm. Under its refurbished structure, decision-making is equally shared at the firm as managerial committees have a say on matters previously decided at partner meetings. This shift reflects González Calvillo’s commitment to establishing an equilibrium between the interests of the incoming generation of lawyers and more senior advisers, creating an equal level of responsibility in top-level decision-making.

Championing the interests of its hardworking and talented associates is a top priority for González Calvillo. Maintaining a working culture that underpins the firm’s core values of integrity, fairness and transparency takes precedence. In its 10-year plan, the outfit has ensured there is a structured scheme to ensure that young talent continues to prosper and climb the echelons. A dedicated talented committee ensures this is the case. To guarantee the wellbeing of its workforce, the firm has hired external consultants to identify, analyse and prevent psychosocial risks. The firm keeps its legal staff motivated by regularly hosting events, such as its 2022 “GC Day,” which celebrated the 35th anniversary of the firm through a host of talks on diversity, legal strategy and roundtables discussing political challenges in Mexico and their impact on local law.

González Calvillo launched its diversity and inclusion forum in 2021 and it has already achieved substantial targets. Through the forum, the firm launched its first virtual coffee mornings scheme linking female members of the firm to women in senior positions at other organisations. Safe space sessions were also introduced under the forum, giving female employees an outlet to voice any concerns or share experiences. González Calvillo also has links with gender diversity organisations AbogadasMX and the United Nations, along with the 30% Club – which aims to ensure at least a third of all senior positions are occupied by women. As a result of González Calvillo’s genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion, the firm has previously won Latin Lawyer’s Diversity Initiative of the Year Award for its efforts here.

Instilling a pro bono committee at the firm is another example of the efforts the firm has made to establish a strong internal culture and push for social change outside the firm. Serious in its commitment to sustainability, the firm also hired a former compliance officer of Grupo Mexico – with over two decades of experience in that position – to head up the firm’s environmental and growing ESG offering.

González Calvillo has sturdy relations with prestigious foreign law firms and maintains those links by sending associates on annual placements at top firms overseas. The firm testifies that this initiative helps shape its lawyers into well-rounded and highly educated advisers. González Calvillo is also known for its commendable ability to look outward for ways to grow internally; the outfit was instrumental in founding the Brazil-Mexico Business Council in 2019, a bilateral agreement between the governments of Brazil and Mexico, and includes some of those countries’ most prestigious companies.


Jorge Mondragón and José Ignacio Rivero are the co-managing partners and work with an executive committee that, as of February 2022, includes Diana Pineda, Edgar Grajeda, José Victor Torres, Pablo Hooper and Rodrigo Rojas. The executive committee is elected every two years.

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