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FerradaNehme is one of the leading law firms in Chile. Through a multi-specialist approach, with carefully chosen practice areas, we have developed important knowledge, experience and styles of working, which have led us to become one of the favoured firms of large national clients, multinationals and public institutions, when it comes to their most sensitive and complex matters.

We are not a full-service firm. We have chosen only a few areas of practice, in which we have become experts, studying and amplifying our knowledge far beyond the norm, exploring the world's most advanced systems and legislation to find ideas and answers. Thus, our practices of competition and regulation, environment, TMT, public law, dispute resolution, consumer, compliance and corporate are recognised for delivering the highest quality of services, and are generally more complete and more innovative in the Chilean legal market.

We have developed strong systems of collaboration, which allows us a fluid interaction between our areas of practice, and the creation of ad hoc teams for each subject that is entrusted to us. We have a distinctive public–private view in addressing the issues, and our focus is always legal-economic, allowing us to go further in understanding increasingly sophisticated markets.

Distant from the traditional ways of working, we allow – always guided by the principle of integrity – that creativity, innovation and a disposition for doing things right, be part of our daily work experience. Each new matter entrusted to us is welcomed as unique and special. We consider the exercise of law to be dynamic and evolutionary, so we never stop exploring and learning.

Beyond never having had a gender pay gap, our firm presents the best indices in the Chilean market in matters of gender equality and diversity and inclusion. We have been recognised nationally and internationally for our achievements in these matters. Diversity and inclusion have been part of our DNA from the day we took off, and we understand that our differences enrich us and make us better.

Main areas of practice

Competition & regulation (Under the direction of Nicole Nehme)
Environment & natural resources (Under the direction of Patricio Leyton)
Dispute resolution (Under the direction of Nicolás Ubilla)
Public law & government (Under the direction of Luis Cordero)
Consumer & advertising (Under the direction of Stella Muñoz)
Tech, media & telecoms (Under the direction of Benjamín Mordoj)
Corporate/M&A (Under the direction of Juan Andrés Bretón)
Compliance (Under the direction of Rafael Collado)
Orinoco 90
16th floor
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Tel: +56 22 6529000

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