Firm Profile

Duarte Garcia, Serra Netto e Terra Advogados


LL 250 Elite

Partners: 33

Lawyers: 61

Locations: Brasília, São Paulo

Analysis: This multidisciplinary firm is highly-regarded for its prowess in real estate matters. It is home to some well-recognised lawyers, including Mário de Barros Duarte Garcia, a former president of the São Paulo Lawyers Association and highly regarded real estate attorney. The team keeps busy advising major clients on complex land use and occupancy regulations as well as on planning and structuring real estate transactions including residential developments, shopping centres and multi-use properties. It also handles financial work and tax disputes related to the real estate and service sectors. The firm's arbitration group has been particularly active of late, advising clients on matters concerning settlements as well as alleged breaches of contract and resulting damages. One client praises the team's prompt service, while another appreciates its technical knowledge and business-friendly advice.

Featured work areas and key partners

Real estate and tourism: Luis Eduardo Menezes Serra Netto, Marcelo Terra, Mário de Barros Duarte Garcia

Arbitration: Daniel Gustavo Magnane Sanfins

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