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CR & F Rojas Abogados


Founded in 1900 by the late Casto Rojas, C R & F Rojas Abogados is the oldest and one of the largest and most prominent law firms in Bolivia.

Currently, the firm has established offices in the city of La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The firm works with correspondent offices in all other major cities of Bolivia and has developed an extensive network of correspondents throughout the world.

C R & F Rojas Abogados is a general practice firm with its main focus on international investment, litigation and intellectual property. We have recently expanded the office to a second new and modern office space in the southern part of the city, which has grown to become the new city centre, thus attracting along many other businesses. Santa Cruz continues to experience exponential growth, remaining as the preferred location for new companies and the establishment of main corporations in Bolivia, this trend has permitted a considerable increase in clients and legal matters, compelling the firm to continue to grow and establish its already strong presence in the market.

Bolivia has undergone and will continue to experience major social and political changes over the coming years. This has caused the legal system to change dramatically, however, the basic economic principles of previous regimes remain unchanged: for instance, there are no foreign currency control rules. As a result, the firm strives to keep its clients abreast of ongoing legal developments so that they may face new scenarios with time and preparation on their side.

Throughout its history, the firm has been dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients, in a highly skilled manner, answering key questions and solving even the most complex legal problems in an efficient and effective manner.

The importance of global networking has permitted C R & F Rojas Abogados to join the biggest, most important and exclusive legal networks of independent law firms existing today. The interaction between member firms is an unparalleled way of fulfilling clients’ needs within a certain jurisdiction, with the certainty that some of the best law firms in the world are involved. Annual and regional meetings have resumed after the covid-19 lockdowns allowing personal contact with prominent attorneys and major law firms providing an important flow of referrals of major international corporations interested in investing in Bolivia.

Although initially a family-based outfit, which currently extends to the fourth generation, the firm has grown throughout its history to include highly recognised and specialised attorneys from around the country who today work as partners and associates.

Av San Martín 155, Equipetrol
Ambassador Business Center, Piso 19
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Tel: +591 3 337 7474
Fax: +591 3 337 7477
[email protected]
Calle Federico Zuazo 1598
Edif. Park Inn, Piso 11

La Paz Bolivia
Tel: +591 2 231 3737
Fax: +591 2 237 6380
[email protected]

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