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Consortium Legal (El Salvador)

El Salvador

We provide legal solutions for your business in Central America.

We are the only law firm with specialised lawyers dedicated exclusively to their practice areas in the five countries of the Central American region, guaranteeing the highest standard of technical quality for our clients. We have the largest team in the Central American region with +200 lawyers located in eight offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, which gives us the ability to offer personalised attention in high volume regional matters through a single point of contact for your regional needs, providing you with an agile and efficient coordination that results in a standardised and effective final product.

Banking and finance: Having 15 years of regional experience, with both leading local and international banks, our clients’ excellent references prove we are undeniable leaders in banking and finance. Our long history of financial transactions has resulted in a deep practical knowledge of the regulatory landscape, making us the firm of choice for premium advice in the financial industry. Advising investment projects, our multi-disciplinary team flexibly covers all phases of your projects across a spectrum of legal areas (labour, corporate, criminal and tax). Our M&A, corporate and regulatory teams advise our clients together, saving them weeks in the negotiation of M&A transactions by addressing the legal issues concurrently.

Corporate law: We advise on the most important and complex corporate transactions in the region, covering all your legal needs with one of the largest teams of over 40 corporate lawyers. Our corporate specialists can quickly develop optimal structures for your investment projects, with flexibility, efficiency and transparency to meet your needs in the region.

We combine our reach, with team members having previous in-house industry experience, allowing us to practically overcome your business challenges.

Intellectual property: Our regional IP team is led by women with more than 15 years of experience in the field and that today leverages technology to offer the best standard of service in Central America. We show our clients how to add value to their intellectual property assets, managing an innovative advisory, both in the identification of protectable intangible assets (knowhow, technology, domains, trade dress), as well as in the structuring of franchises and licences of the same. We avoid costly and time-consuming disputes over priority rights, through strong and timely protection of your intangible assets.

Tax law: We specialise in local and international tax advice, and we have defended significant cases that have even established judicial criteria and precedents. We have unique experts specialising in tax matters (customs, municipal, litigation, auditing and accounting) distinguishing us in Central America to provide comprehensive advice in client legal defence cases. We have generated major client savings through tax efficiencies, and through a high success rate in tax litigation, our advice is always within the legal framework, guaranteeing client legal security before the state.

Labour: The labour law team in all our offices has more than 15 years of experience and preparation in the development of processes and products aimed at preventive and proactive advice on labour legal matters. We provide labour advice to many industries with differing compliance requirements yet always with an eye toward growing the company and making it more competitive.
Edificio Avante Local 313, Urb. Madre Selva III
Calle Llama del Bosque Poniente
Antiguo Cuscatlán
La Libertad, El Salvador

+503 2209 1600

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