Ronaldo Lemos

Rennó Penteado Sampaio Advogados


Intellectual property

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Ronaldo Lemos is an internationally respected Brazilian lawyer, specialised in technology, data protection, intellectual property, media and public policy. He is a partner at Rennó Penteado Sampaio Advogados, where he is responsible for technology, intellectual property and data protection areas.

Ronaldo's academic qualifications include a JD and a Doctor of Laws from the University of São Paulo’s law school; and a Master of Laws from Harvard Law School. He was a visiting professor at Columbia University, and was appointed a visiting scholar at Princeton University's Center for Information Technology Policy (2011), Oxford University (2005) and the MIT Media Lab (2013).

Ronaldo was one of the creators of Brazil’s Internet Law, enacted in 2014. He also co-authored Brazil's National Internet of Things Plan, in partnership with McKinsey & Co.

He served for two terms and was elected vice president of the Council for Social Communication of the Brazilian National Congress. He also served as a member of the Council to Fight Piracy, headquarted at the Ministry of Justice, as well as a board member of various organisations, including the Mozilla Foundation, and is one of the founders of the Institute for Technology & Society of Rio.

In 2015, he was appointed as a young global leader by the World Economic Forum and is currently member of Facebook´s independent oversight board.

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