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The missing piece of the puzzle

Featured in Pro bono 2018

Partner participation in pro bono is still low, despite clearing houses’ best efforts to get the senior level of law firms involved. While firms can still make a big contribution to pro bono without partner involvement, the fact remains the partnership holds the power to effect institutional change necessary to increase the volume of work done.

25 January 2019

The roadmap

Featured in Pro bono 2018

It has been a decade since the launch of the Pro Bono Declaration of the Americas, a call to action to expand pro bono across Latin America. We ask lawyers who wrote the declaration about its influence on the evolution of pro bono in the region and what’s needed for the next 10 years.

25 January 2019

Leading Lights

Featured in Pro bono 2018

Law firms that stand out for the pro bono work done by their lawyers and for their efforts to build a lasting pro bono infrastructure, both internally and in their legal market.

25 January 2019

Class action restores full US asylum rights to forcibly separated migrant children

Hogan Lovells has worked pro bono to reach a class action settlement with the US government which guarantees forcibly separated migrant families have another chance to seek asylum in the country amid claims mandatory procedures were ignored.

03 December 2018

DLA Piper secures return of Honduran children separated at US border

DLA Piper has worked pro bono alongside Lawyers for Civil Rights in Boston to achieve the reunification of two Honduran families that were separated five months ago at the US border.

19 November 2018

DLA Piper and ACLU secure release in LGBT immigration case

DLA Piper LLP in Philadelphia has worked pro bono to help secure the release of a Mexican immigrant on bond after he was taken into US custody and held in detention without release for more than nine months.

07 November 2018

Local companies must show greater commitment to diversity, says “Higher For All” founder

Two years after the “Higher for All Legal Project” was established, Raphael Sousa speaks to LACCA about how the initiative has grown and is helping to tackle Brazil’s deep-rooted racial inequality issues head-on, and why he thinks many local companies are falling short in their diversity initiatives.

26 October 2018

Top Tips: Increasing diversity

Despite a global struggle to increase the participation of minority groups within businesses, the legal industry has been notoriously slow at keeping pace. LACCA finds out from GCs around the region what some of their top tips are to help promote diversity in both their teams and their organisations.

28 September 2018

Why is racial inequality still the elephant in the room?

Featured in Diversity 2018

More companies implement diversity policies concerning gender and disability than policies addressing ethnicity or race, according to LACCA's research. Christina McKeon Frutuoso speaks to local GCs to find out what’s holding some companies back from addressing the issue of race in the workplace and how corporate counsel can play an important role. 

14 September 2018

Bragard sets up flexi-time platform for working mothers

Uruguay’s Bragard Abogados has set up an employment exchange to help women and mothers find flexible-hours jobs.

11 September 2018

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