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PUC-Rio establishes first university endowment in Brazil

On the back of a new law regulating endowments in Brazil, Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados has helped a group of former students from Brazilian catholic university PUC-Rio establish a fund backed by alumni donations to finance scholarships.

Latin Lawyer-Vance Center pro bono survey deadline extended

Ferrere launches corporate social responsibility programme in Uruguay


Latin Lawyer and the Vance Center’s 2018 Pro Bono Survey

The findings from the 2018 Latin Lawyer – Vance Center pro bono survey are testament to the great strides Latin America has made to adopt pro bono into its legal culture.

The scene is set

From the determined strength of pro bono coordinators to the collaborative efforts of law firms (played out increasingly across borders), the results of our annual pro bono survey demonstrate how pro bono is weaved into the fabric of Latin America’s legal market. The work being done around the region showcases the outstanding achievements of lawyers and clearing houses working together. Now, the challenge is to engage even more lawyers in the fight to bring access to justice to all.

These firms have professional notices in the Latin Lawyer 250


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