Escalante & Asociados 

Escalante & Asociados 

Escalante & Asociados is a highly specialised law firm with an innovative, dynamic and comprehensive vision of the law. We understand that our work as lawyers has a direct impact on the future of our clients’ businesses and patrimonies and, therefore, our objective is to provide our clients with sound legal counselling, with clear, comprehensive and efficient grounds and bases that contribute to the productivity and efficient operation of their businesses and commercial operations, as well as to their patrimonial organisation and planning.

Our specialised and dynamic approach to law, as well as our transnational vision has led us to become a firm that provides both local and international clients with a vast knowledge of the public and private sectors, providing harmonic counseling to enable our clients to reach their goals and meet their objectives; this also includes the search for commercial, industrial, financial and technological opportunities through the support of governmental, business and trade organisations of impeccable reputation and experience.

Escalante & Asociados offers its clients a personal, direct and immediate relationship. As a result of this, we examine in detail each and every one of our clients’ concerns and needs, from a legal and business perspective, helping us in the provision of proper, suitable and consistent counseling for the achievement of their goals.

Our areas of practice are: tax law (consulting, planning and litigation), international trade and customs (consulting, planning and litigation), anti-corruption, corporate and trade finance.

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