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About the firm

Founded by professionals with more than 35 years of legal practice, Campos Mello is a full-service business law firm serving Brazilian and international companies with a clear focus: to partner with clients in facilitating business.

With offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and New York, the firm operates throughout Brazil with the support of a team experienced in several industry sectors. As a result, it has been able to develop and offer creative, innovative and sound legal solutions in a tailor-made and result-oriented manner.

The client teams are assembled to match the size and focus of every business in which Campos Mello takes part. Further, the firm’s relatively flat structure ensures that its partners can be in regular contact with clients, developing a profound knowledge of their business.

Tailored, high-quality services characterise Campos Mello’s practice and are in large part responsible for its positive reputation in the market as well as long-time relationships with clients.

Team: Campos Mello currently has more than 100 lawyers who are graduates of leading Brazilian law schools. Many have obtained master's degrees abroad and worked at companies and law firms outside of Brazil, bringing their international experience to the firm’s day-to-day activities.


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