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About the firm

For over a quarter century, PORTAL & ASOCIADOS has been recognised as the Salvadoran law firm synonymous with high quality, integrity and value by leading domestic and multinational corporations and law firms seeking to invest or expand operations in El Salvador and Central America.   

We provide sophisticated tax, intellectual property, corporate and litigation services to businesses of all sizes, across all industry segments, seeking to invest or expand operations in El Salvador. We are one of the few law firms capable of providing clients with accounting and audit services. All attorneys are Public Notaries. 

Our multidisciplinary approach and multilingual staff appeal to inside and outside counsel who need a cooperative, responsive and cost conscious legal team on the ground to represent their clients’ interests in the Salvadoran and Caribbean Basin Region.

PORTAL & ASOCIADOS also stands at the forefront of CAFTA-related opportunities assisting U.S. manufacturers, workers and companies to take full advantage of CAFTA’s market opening provisions by helping them navigate the important reforms of the domestic legal and business environment.

79 Avenida Norte y 13 Calle
Poniente No. 4109
Col. Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador
+503 2263 1717

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