Santamarina y Steta

We’re experts in Mexico. We develop strategic solutions that produce successful results for our clients, with whom we collaborate as business partners.

We are a law firm that knows our country in depth. With more than 70 years of experience, we have evolved at the pace required by our clients and international markets to enhance our presence in Mexico. Our sensitivity and the important network of contacts we have allow us to identify the philosophy and work styles of investors and professionals from all over the world, strategically combining efforts to customise solutions and achieve success. We make our clients’ challenges our own by understanding their environment and that of the local situation, culture and Mexican laws.

We stand out in the business community for our knowledge and understanding of local authorities, practices and laws, and because we offer the benefit of a one-stop shop ensuring reliable, multidisciplinary, integrated and comprehensive approaches.
Our daily expectations aim to constantly monitor and understand market changes, business opportunities and threats, and the multidimensional challenges of growth in complex economies that require expert advice to better position and enhance our clients’ investments, interests, projects and dreams. Our expectations are simple: to provide quality and excellence and continue being the partner of choice.

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