Hulbert Volio Montero

Our ADR department is best known for the knowledge and experience of our lawyers, our sensibility for client’s interests and the permanent aim to reach the solution of complex conflicts, meaning that we reach satisfactory out of court settlements in most of the conflicts that are brought to us.

During 2018, we worked on many cases related to corporate issues, breach of contract, damages, probate proceedings (national and international), complex collection cases, enforcement of foreign judgments, we also finished successfully two very complicated cases that were in court for more than 10 years. Besides, we have worked conflict prevention thru wealth company planning, personal estate planning, drafting contracts and legal audit of corporate structures and construction development arrangements.

The unique aspect of our ADR division is how we treat the client and the conflict. We provide personal advice to the client, and we see the problem from the client’s perspective, needs, and real possibilities and not from our pocket’s perspective. This is the reason why we push and persevere in reaching a peaceful solution. When we must fight in court we do very well, always from a strong position because of the case study and the strategy designed; we are proactive in court, we don’t react when we receive a notification, we make regular requests to make the cases move forward.

Another unique fact is that we are the only well-recognised dispute resolution law firm founded and directed by a woman.

Moreover, this year the law firm has the privilege of having Fernando Montero Piña as its partner, who is a great Costa Rican jurist, and who brings to the firm his great human value, his vast knowledge, and experience in matters of civil liability, collection of damages, arbitration and obligations in general.

Our work plan is designed to meet the needs of our clients by means of an exclusive, responsible and customised solution. Every case becomes the subject matter of a rigorous legal case study to determine the suitable ADR mechanism and the best strategy. As a boutique law firm and all our team are well informed about all our clients, that’s also unique.

Thanks to its high degree of specialist knowledge and experience, our dispute resolution boutique serves companies and individuals, national and foreign, as well as non-litigant attorneys.    

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