Gómez Pinzón Abogados

Gómez-Pinzón is an independent law firm that provides multiple advice in different areas of law, in such a way that clients are assured that they make the best decisions in their business. The firm interprets the law in a responsible and innovative way, offering a comprehensive and timely service, with the highest quality standards and professionalism. The firm provides its services in Colombia and abroad, through the responsible and innovative application of specialist knowledge that contributes to the success of the clients’ businesses. Its cross-border capabilities and the ability to combine true multidisciplinary leading teams in fourteen different law areas along with recognised top tier experts, makes Gómez-Pinzón a preferred choice for complex local and international transactions and disputes. The firm is proud of the unparalleled number of international transactions and disputes in which it has assisted local and international clients, but the firm’s main pride and added value comes from the undisputed landmarks that they have set in arbitrations and litigations and ground-breaking advisories it has rendered in capital markets deals and corporate transaction structures. Gómez-Pinzón Abogados is a member of the Affinitas Alliance, based in Latin America and composed of four leading law firms in each of the jurisdictions where they operate. The firms within the Affinitas Alliance are: Barros & Errázuriz in Chile, Mijares Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes in Mexico, and Miranda & Amado in Peru. Gómez-Pinzón stands out for being a transactional leader, but also for its strong commitment and passion for a fair society as well as the professional development and economic wellbeing of its partners and employees.  


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