Carlos E Alfaro’s has accumulated an invaluable knowledge in private foreign investments and also in government contracts and the regulatory issues involved. His long-standing career representing national and multinational corporations, buy-out funds and strategic investors has made him a referent in the legal circles. He provides political legal risk analysis to foreign investment funds and companies.

Mr Alfaro represented clients in large infrastructure projects, from gas and oil pipelines, electric utilities, steel mill plants, ferroalloys, ferrous and steel furnaces, real estate developments, export finance, hydro electrical projects, mining projects and road toll projects. This experience represents 30 years of legal practice in different economic and legal environments (inflation, hyperinflation, deflation, major devaluations, currency boards, etc) in which risk allocation and protection, require legal, economic and political expertise. These know-how and skills provides a value very much needed in the current local and global environment.

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Alfaro Abogados

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