As head of the corporate governance department, Mr Andretta advises local companies and international corporations with established operations in Ecuador with technical and practical counsel to comply with their legal and statutory obligations, as well as to effectively respond to the different stakeholders’ expectations.

He leads teams to identify risks, offer comprehensive analysis in a dynamic institutional and regulatory environment and define strategic frameworks considering legal, social and reputational implications.

Mr Andretta received his master’s degree in international public and private law from Universidad Complutense in Madrid and attended business, CRS, and corporate affairs programmes in recognised national and international institutions. 

He served as director of corporate affairs in Cervecería Nacional, a SabMiller subsidiary, in Ecuador from 2008 to 2013, and has been president of the Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Responsabilidad Social del Ecuador and board member of the Chamber of Industries of Guayaquil. 


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