Sebastián Pérez-Arteta has been the managing partner of the firm for more than 20 years and has a longstanding commercial, investment and public and private contracts practice, with a focus on energy and projects in Ecuador. Due to his extensive track record, which includes several landmark transactions in the country, he is recognised as a leading figure in these fields. He frequently advises local and foreign investors on complex negotiations and transactions and public bids. In his capacity as managing partner, Sebastián has been involved in most of the relevant cases or matters entrusted to the firm.

He provides clients and PBP´s team with strategic advice based on his in-depth knowledge of the Ecuadorian market, his practical approach and business acumen. Clients value his ability to see the big picture and his dispute resolution skills.

Sebastián has had extensive experience in the government, giving him a unique insight into both international and local matters. In his role as Private Secretary and Advisor to the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Integration (1982–1983) he gained a deep understanding of the Ecuadorian public sector and its interaction with private companies. He served as Counsellor of the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington (1984–1987), which allowed him to work with multilateral organisations, thoroughly understanding foreign investors’ needs and how they relate to the Ecuadorian system and the country’s interest in attracting investment. He also served as Ecuador’s Deputy Minister of Finance (1992–1993), where he was involved in the preparation of several laws and regulations that organised and clarified the country’s public finances.

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Pérez Bustamante & Ponce

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