Rodrigo leads the law firm’s fraud, insolvency, restructuring, fraud and asset recovery practice group, as well as the mergers and acquisitions practice group. Holds qualifications from the Central America Business Institute (INCAE) and Georgetown University Law Center.

Through Rodrigo´s expertise and leadership, Carrillo & Asociados is spearheading the development of insolvency/asset recovery law in Central America. Two such landmark cases involved the largest bank failures/multijurisdictional frauds in the history of the region.

In the Bancafé insolvency, he led the law firm’s team representing the Barbados-based Bancafé custodian in unravelling a complex web of offshore non-regulated entities allegedly used to raise and launder money. In pursuit of US$150 million in lost assets, Rodrigo spearheaded forensic investigations, asset tracing and freezing, loan recovery and criminal actions against Bancafé’s shareholders, directors and executives in multiple jurisdictions. This included obtaining recognition of the cross-border insolvency process before US, Guatemalan and European authorities. 

He also was lead multi-jurisdictional Latin American counsel for one of the largest international asset recovery/bank liquidations in history: the US$4.2 billion Stanford International Bank of Antigua (SIB) Ponzi scheme. 

Rodrigo is a Guatemalan member of ICC FraudNet, the world’s leading asset recovery legal network operating under the aegis of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce. Fellow of INSOL and IBA Asset Recovery subcomittee Regional Office, Central America and the Caribbean. 

Languages: Spanish and English. 

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Carrillo & Asociados

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