Founded in 1972, Veirano Advogados is one of the leading and most renowned Brazilian business law firms, focused on developing tailored solutions for multinational companies operating in strategic sectors of the economy.

With a diverse team of over 600 people, including 250 lawyers working in an integrated fashion, the firm handles both routine and complex multidisciplinary cases that require the coordinated talents of professionals with diverse areas of expertise.

Veirano Advogados’ services range from providing assistance in M&A transactions, privatizations and company formation to representing clients in disputes, from offering advice on tax issues and infrastructure projects to guiding oil and gas companies through the challenges inherent in a highly regulated industry, to name a few examples of our broad range of work. The main goal is to identify needs and develop tailored solutions, enabling safe and informed decision making – one client at a time.

Veirano. Results-oriented law practice.


The firm’s clientele encompasses leading multinational companies across different industry sectors including: agribusiness; automotive; banks and financial services; biofuels; chemical and petrochemical; construction and engineering; consumer goods; education; healthcare; hospitality and tourism; infrastructure; IT and telecommunications; machines and equipment; metals and mining; oil and gas; pharmaceutical and cosmetics; power; services; transport and logistics.

Main areas of expertise

The firm’s expertise covers a broad range of legal services organised in practices, industries and desks. Practices: antitrust and competition; and finance; capital markets and investment funds; commercial contracts; compliance and investigations; consumer affairs and product liability; corporate and mergers and acquisitions; dispute resolution; environment; global mobility; government and regulatory; insolvency and restructuring; IP; international trade/WTO; labour and employment; private equity; tax and customs; venture capital and startups; wealth and estate planning and family law; white-collar crimes. Industries: agribusiness; aviation and aircraft financing; fintechs; IT and  communications; infrastructure and projects; insurance, reinsurance and  pension funds; life sciences and healthcare; media and  entertainment; mining; oil, gas and biofuel; power; real estate; shipping/maritime and port; sports. Desks: China; French; German; Israeli; MENA.

International experience

To build strong client-service teams of specialists, the firm recruits Brazilian attorneys with multicultural backgrounds who have received additional education and practical skills from prominent law firms and law schools in the US, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, all professionals are fluent in English and Portuguese, with many also fluent in other languages, such as Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Alliances and networks

The firm maintains a wide network of key relationships across the globe and is a member of international alliances Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), IsFin - Emerging Market Advisors, Ius Laboris and World Services Group (WSG). As a result, Veirano Advogados provides seamless services wherever they are required.

Rio de Janeiro
Av. Presidente Wilson, 231 - 25º andar
20030-021 Rio de Janeiro RJ
Tel: +55 21 3824 4747
São Paulo
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3477 - 16º andar
04538-133 São Paulo SP
Tel: +55 11 2313 5700
Porto Alegre
Av. Dr. Nilo Peçanha 2900 - 15º andar
91330-001 - Porto Alegre RS
Tel: +55 51 2121 7500
SCS Qd. 9 Lt. C Ed. Parque Cidade Corporate
Torre A - 12º andar sl. 1203
70308-200 Brasília DF
Tel: +55 61 2106 6600

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