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García Sayán Abogados


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Garcia Sayan Abogados is a large law firm by Peruvian standards with a long-standing reputation of integrity and excellence. Although its original members were highly distinguished lawyers practising in Lima since the turn of the century, the firm has provided legal services under its present structure since 1959. In 1978 it was incorporated as a limited liability consulting company.

All members of the firm are graduates from the best law schools in Lima and many of them with either postgraduate studies or trainee practices at law firms in the United States. Almost all are fluent in English in addition to their native Spanish language. Two of our associates are also fluent in French.

The firm's practice is mostly concentrated in corporate, civil, banking, oil and mining and foreign investment law. Partners of the firm are also members of the boards of directors of a wide range of important companies domiciled in Peru, some of which are also clients. In other cases they have been invited to join not because of a relationship with the firm, but for their individual legal capacities and skills. This privileged situation gives the firm, as a whole, the advantage of a broad base of experience in almost all the areas of the economic activity of the country.

Since Peru has been steered towards a free enterprise and market oriented economy under a predictable legal system, we have also been occasionally engaged to act as counsel for government agencies when they required experienced counsel in specific negotiations with international companies.

As one of the leading law firms of the country, the firm is currently involved in assisting private foreign groups interested in participating in the government's privatisation programme; and has successfully participated in some of the major deals resulting in the transfer to private investors of state owned companies.

The firm has also outstanding practice in the very important fields of taxation and labour, real estate, patents and trademarks. Although located in Lima, in many instances our lawyers have been called to assist in labour negotiations and disputes in other areas of the country.

The firm is also actively engaged in litigation and has extensive experience in lawsuits concerning collections. One of our partners is a founding member of INDECOPI, a government agency that decides on bankruptcy proceedings, industrial property and dumping claims, among other matters.

Representative clients include several international banks, the International Finance Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation in its first exploration and exploitation venture outside of continental China, and various United States, European, Colombia and Chilean manufacturing, service and commercial multinational companies. Also, the firm represents a number of Peruvian owned small and medium-sized companies and individuals, which makes it a highly reliable as well as diversified and flexible source of legal advice and assistance in Peru.

Since July 2017, our firm has provided services on compliance, in alliance with the prestigious certifier BH Compliance, led by Susana Sierra, leader in the Chilean market with more than 150 companies’ crime detection programmes duly certified. This alliance will allow us to consolidate our compliance area and give us the chance to offer services on our monitoring and certifying programmes for crime prevention, law enforcement and good corporative governance, under local and international standards, which will increase value for Peruvian companies. In this way, we hope to contribute with the reorientation of the corporative culture of our country. For more information, please contact Shirley Cárdenas and Alfonso Tola.

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