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Galdino & Coelho Advogados


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Galdino & Coelho Advogados
Galdino & Coelho Advogados

Galdino & Coelho Advogados (GC) provides experienced and proven expert legal assistance with a team of highly specialised attorneys skilled in conflict resolution and client representation within complex litigation and arbitration related to civil, corporate and bankruptcy disputes.

The firm regularly represents the interests of the largest and most respected companies and banks from Brazil and abroad, as well as creditors and debtors, domestic and foreign, in reorganisation proceedings, bankruptcy and other transactions involving assets in distress.

GC also provides legal advisory for banks, intermediaries, issuers and companies in fundraising operations, with particular emphasis on fixed income and securitisation operations.

The firm’s current partnership was formed in 2013 with the aim of providing clients with the highest level of legal representation and a dedicated focus on litigation and arbitration. GC is regularly engaged in the resolution of cases involving highly complex litigation.

Our mission is to provide conflict resolution efficiently, effectively and expeditiously through our expert legal counsel, while saving the client’s funds. We operate on the principle of developing a complete and knowledgeable understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations while delivering solutions to achieve or exceed their goals.

GC is composed of outstanding professionals endowed with strong academic backgrounds, market expertise and proven experience, as they have worked for some of the most important business groups and law firms in the market. Our attorneys and partners took part in some of the most significant dispute resolution cases in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro
Av. Rio Branco 138 / 11º andar
20040 002 / Centro
Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Tel: +55 21 3195 0240

São Paulo
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 3900 / 11º andar
04538 132 / Itaim Bibi
São Paulo / SP
Tel: +55 11 3041 1500
Saus Sul / Quadra 05
Bloco k / nº 17 / salas 508-511
70070 050 / Brasilia / DF
Tel: +55 61 3323 3865

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