Founded in 2000, FerradaNehme is a highly specialised law firm with an outstanding position in the Chilean market of legal services, particularly in complex areas of legal practice, such as competition and regulated markets, environmental law, litigation, public law and corporate, among others. In such areas, FerradaNehme is generally recognised as one of the most highly recommended firms in the handing of difficult challenges, on behalf of Chilean and international companies and institutions participating in a wide variety of markets and industries, as well as governmental institutions. 

Currently, FerradaNehme is positioned among the most demanded firms of the country, given its professional capacity, its numerous highly qualified professional and administrative staff, and their individual and collective experiences. The strategy of the firm is to further develop ‘niches’ within its main areas of practice, thereby taking full advantage of the specific expertise of its individual lawyers. Examples are the consumer law, compliance and telecommunications practices, among others. 

In just a few years, FerradaNehme has become one of the leading and most successful law firms in Chile in all of its core practice areas. This is the result of the dedication and excellence of FerradaNehme’s collaborators, the recognition of the market of legal services, and the remarkable results obtained in the cases handled by the firm. 

The firm is very proud for having been rewarded as the Probono Law Firm of the Year 2014, and having been recognised as the sixth best company to work for in Chile, according to Great Place to Work 2015® Institution. FerradaNehme was the first law firm to join to the Chilean chapter of “Gender Parity Initiative”, created by World Economic Forum and Interamerican Development Bank during 2017, and our gender equity practices were recognised at Diversity & Inclusion in the Latin American Profession, organised by Vance Center's Women in the Profession Program in New York.


Competition & Economic Regulation (Under the direction of Nicole Nehme)
Environment & Natural Resources (Under the direction of Patricio Leyton)
Dispute Resolution (Under the direction of Nicolás Ubilla)
Public Law & Government (Under the direction of Luis Cordero)
TMT & Consumer Law (Under the direction of Stella Muñoz)
Corporate/M&A (Under the direction of Mario Valderrama)
Compliance (Under the direction of Rafael Collado)


Orinoco 90
16th floor
Las Condes
Tel: +56 226529000

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