Chile market overview

Almost a year and a half into his presidency, billionaire entrepreneur Sebastián Piñera remains supported by many in the business community. But Piñera’s... read more

Recommended firms

Ordered by size

CMS Carey & Allende

Corporate firm with loyal client base
  • Partners: 10
  • Total lawyers: 47

Larrain y Asociados

Banking and finance heavy-hitter
  • Partners: 12
  • Total lawyers: 41

Vergara Galindo Correa Abogados

Leading environment firm
  • Partners: 8
  • Total lawyers: 39

Grasty Quintana Majlis & Cia

Respected firm building its profile
  • Partners: 10
  • Total lawyers: 30

Honorato Delaveau

Young firm with banking DNA
  • Partners: 4
  • Total lawyers: 15

Silva & Cía

Leader in IP
  • Partners: 5
  • Total lawyers: 10

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